The Building Science Group at the University of California Berkeley is dedicated to studying and improving the energy efficiency and environmental quality of buildings. Its underlying premise is that energy-use patterns and environmental quality are related, and that this relationship contains great opportunities to improve the built environment. The Building Science Program has a broad and tested curriculum that was initially established over 25 years ago.

A complete list of courses can be viewed at the Building Science Group course website.
With the formation of the GBRC, it is hoped that building science course offerings can be expanded into new areas. Architecture courses related to sustainability are listed below (updated Fall 2006).

A complete list of sustainability-related courses available on the UC Berkeley campus is maintained by the Berkeley Institute of the Environment.

Architecture 140: Introduction to Energy and Environmental Management
Instructors: Cris Benton and Gail Brager This course is an introduction to energy and thermal and lighting environments in buildings, with an emphasis on quantitative design techniques. A group design project allows students to integrate technical lessons an tools into a comprehensive design project. Link to course website>>

Architecture 201: Sustainable Design Studio
Instructor: Susan Ubbelohde This comprehensive graduate studio will use sustainable performance criteria and an iterative design process. We will focus on the design of facilities for 12 international sailboat syndicates to participate in a future America's Cup sailing competition based in San Francisco Bay.

Architecture 209: The Dialectic of Poetics and Technology
Instructor: Susan Ubbelohde This seminar examines the relationship between technology and design philosophy in the work of Le Corbusier, through analysis of individual buildings within the context of the complete oeuvre and an examination of the architect's writings and lectures.

Architecture 249: The Secret Life of Buildings
Instructor: Cris Benton This seminar will revolve around a series of case study exercises engaging the UC Berkeley campus. The class will apply physical measurement, surveys and interviews to explore the physical performance of campus buildings in relation to energy use, occupant well-being, and spacemaking.

Architecture 249: Design for Sustainability Colloquium
Instructor: Gail Brager Presentations by professionals and class discussions on a variety of topics related to sustainability and the LEED Green Building Rating system, offering perspectives from architectural design, construction, engineering, planning, consulting, and research.

Architecture 249: Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings
Instructor: Andreas Wagner (visiting Prof from University of Karlsruhe, Germany) Using best practice examples for Europe, and simple computer simulation methods, this course examines architectural principles for climate-conscious design to minimizing the energy consumption and related environmental consequences of commercial buildings.

Architecture149: Architectural Acoustics
Instructor: Charles Salter This course focuses on what architects need to know about acoustics, including how sound levels are described and measured, human response to sound, mechanical equipment noise and vibration control, office and environmental acoustics.

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