The Green Building Research Center (GBRC) at the University of California, Berkeley was created to advance and promote sustainable building design and operation on the UC Berkeley campus, and provide resources to aid other universities in similar efforts across the state.

UC Merced COB2 UCSB solar installation

2018 Best Practice Case Studies

The 2018 Best Practice Award winners are exemplary projects that reduce energy and water use, implement green building technologies, and improve the environmental performance of UC and CSU campus operations. These case studies highlight recognized projects to make these innovative strategies available to all campuses.

These projects have been recognized at the annual California Higher Education Sustainability Conference (CHESC), and are hosted here by the Green Building Research Center at UC Berkeley. The 2018 conference was held at UC Santa Barbara, July 9-13, 2018

UC Davis

Sustainability at UC Berkeley

For a broad overview of sustainability activities and programs at UC Berkeley, visit Cal's sustainability website. This site includes informaion on a wide range of programs from dining to transporation, and includes links to UCB's sustainability reports, student jobs and funding opportunities.

Jcaobs Hall

UC Berkeley Built Environment Goals

Here you can read about UC Berkeley's progress towards it committment to "design future projects to minimize energy and water consumption and wastewater production; incorporate sustainable design principles into capital investment decisions; base capital investment decisions on lifecycle cost, including the cost of known future expenditures."

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