2008 Best Practice Awards

The seventh annual UC/CSU/CCC Sustainability Conference was held July 31-August 3, 2008 at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and was attended by nearly 1100 participants.

The two-page case studies below document the outstanding energy-efficiency and sustainability achievements of the 2008 Best Practice Award recipients. These winning projects are excellent examples of innovative and cost-effective green building technologies, design strategies, and building operation practices being implemented on campuses across the state.

Best Overall Sustainable Design

Tahoe Center

UC Davis Tahoe Center for Environmental Sciences
The Tahoe Center has many advanced yet replicable sustainable design elements including on-site cogeneration, a rainwater treatment system, and a solar hot water heater. Energy-saving features reduce its energy use to 60% below ASHRAE 90.1.

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Bonderson Projects Center

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Bonderson Projects Center
This project simply and elegantly addresses all components of sustainable design. The building ensures high indoor air quality, occupant comfort, and usability through daylighting, innovative ventilation systems, and flexible space design.

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Kolligian Library

UC Merced Kolligian Library, Honorable Mention
Leo & Dottie Kolligian Library has exceeded the campus's rigorous LEED Silver standard for new construction and earned Gold certification. The building's flexible spaces and furniture support a wide range of study styles and activities by allowing students to personalize their learning experience.

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Best HVAC Design

Li Ka Shing

UC Berkeley Li Ka Shing Center
The Li Ka Shing HVAC system displays exceptional efficiency in design layout and overall concept. The campus participated in the EPA’s Labs21 program to enhance the energy and environmental performance of the project's laboratory facilities. The building is projected to beat Title 24 by 33%.

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Satellite Plant

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Satellite Central Plant
Using central plant cooling for three new buildings in lieu of individual air-cooled chillers will save Cal Poly 150,000 kWh annually. The project reduces the required peak cooling capacity by taking advantage of load diversity. The plant will also be made available to engineering students as a learning tool.

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Best HVAC Retrofit

UC San Diego Chilled Water Valve Upgrades
UCSD retrofitted 17 buildings on the campus chilled water loop with pressure-independent control valves to increase the temperature rise in the system. The project increases system capacity and improves chiller performance during partial loads, resulting in savings of 7,375,000 kWh and $650,000 each year.

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Darwin Hall

Sonoma State Darwin Hall Remodel
Sonoma State converted a lab building with constant volume fume hoods and air handlers to a variable air volume system. The air change rate is now controlled by the position of fume hood sashes and a night setback. Operators who leave sashes open are sent a reminder to close them.

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Best Lighting Retrofit


UC Berkeley Wireless Lighting Controls Retrofit
Installing wireless lighting controls in two libraries saves UC Berkeley $14,000 annually by allowing staff to set operation schedules for fixtures that previously could not be turned off. The product requires no rewiring, making it convenient for in-house staff to implement in a variety of spaces.

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CSU Channel Islands

CSU Channel Islands Exterior Lighting Standards and Retrofit
CSUCI's lighting standards address energy efficiency, sustainability, safety and maintenance to improve the campus's nighttime lighting conditions. Using the standards in a retrofit of the South Quad improved coverage and nearly halved energy use.

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Renewable Energy Generation/ Procurement

PV system

Fresno State Photovoltaic Parking Canopies
Fresno State’s 1 MW solar array is the largest parking canopy-mounted photovoltaic system at any American university. The system provides 20% of the campus’s current electrical demand. A price premium for covered parking spaces creates a revenue stream that helps defray project costs.

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Credits: The 2008 Best Practice case studies were written and produced by Trista Little of UC Berkeley’s Green Building Research Center, with support from David Lehrer of the Green Building Research Center.

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